Monday, March 14, 2011

This is a good chance for value investors

Stock market around the world has been affected by the Japan crisis. Japan stock market lowers another 4% after a 6% drop yesterday. Stock market around the world also experience the drop for the past 2 days.

If you know the value of the companies and have your own strike price, this should be a good chance for you to hunt for some good companies shares at bargain prices.

Japan should need another 5 years to bring their economy back to pre-quake level. It is going to be a long, tough road ahead.

Just minutes ago, when more nuclear reactors are posing more threat, the Singapore stock market takes a plunge by up to 67 points. This is an opportunity but do not rush.

Property market will also be affected. When stock market goes down, property price goes down as well. That will property investors' chance to strike in the next few quarters, or end of the year.

Meanwhile, grow our war chest and get ready to strike.

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