Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Popular Holdings - An analysis

How many of you know about Popular Holdings? What kind of business do they do? Do you know of anybody who owns their shares?

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Till now, it has evolved into owning over 130 bookstores in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It also has a publishing business and e-learning business. Only recently, the company expanded into property development.

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As of 31 January 2011, their net asset value is 23.26 cents. The stock is trading at 15.5 to 16 cents as of 29 March 2011. This is a discount of about 31% to their net asset value. The P/E ratio for trailing 12 months earnings is 4.3 (Earnings for TTM is 3.69 cents)

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Disclosure: Blogger owns Popular Holdings shares.
Disclaimer: Analysis in this post is a personal view by blogger. It should not be used as an indication to buy or sell the company's shares.

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