Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another successful purchase of undervalued property

Dear readers,

Hope you have enjoyed reading my book "Route to Successful Property Investment in Singapore".

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Alright, back to the subject.

I just checked using the URA website,, regarding the transacted prices for landed and non-landed properties. A property that I bought last year has appreciated by at least 15% within 6 months. A unit within the same project was transacted for 15% above the price that I bought with.

Last year, the propery market is still red hot but using the same strategy as mentioned in the book, I managed to find this property selling at undervalued price.

Just to share that even at current property craze, you will still be able to find a good property selling under their value. Just follow the strategy in the book and you may one day be a successful property investor.



  1. A bit confused - you gave your opinons in Feb not to buy private properties but it seems to run contrary to this article..can you elaborate?
    Are you currently holding > 1 property?

  2. Dear Sam,

    Currently, this is the only property that I have. My opinions in Feb is to advise investors not to rush into buying second property as the loan quantum has been reduced to 60%, which means that investors must fork out 40% in cash or CPF.

    Property market has slowed for the past 2 months and prices indicated in URA transacted prices site has shown that the transacted price is slowly turning to the down side.

    Anyway this property was bought in July 2010, which I followed the strategy mentioned in my book to buy it. I bought it because it was an undervalued property, according to my findings.

    If you read my other post "Properties: To buy or not to buy?", you will see that I encouraged those who have the ability to buy and lease out. However, we do not buy just any property. One must have his/her requirements set before looking for one.

    Currently, I am still in a lookout for properties to invest in. Investing in properties need patience to look for the right one.

    Would you like to share your thoughts, so that we can all learn together?

    Please keep this discussion going.