Monday, July 18, 2011

Reply from the unprofessional agent

Finally, after 10 long days, I received a reply from Savills' executive director for residential sales. She has attached the agent's reply to her, and would like us to take a look. This is the whole picture. Ms Jodia, a colleague of Mr Thomas Lee, is the exclusive agent for selling the unit. Hence, on 2 July, Mr Thomas Lee was just there to help her as she was not free to be there. So this is Jodia's reply.

1. The owner strictly allows only 1 weekday and 1 weekend viewing. We have seen the unit on 2 July (Saturday) hence we cannot view on 3 July (Sunday). It's fine with us. Hence, we arranged to view on 9 July, which they agreed upon.

2. The agents decided to present a final offer to the owner on Wednesday 6 July, while we looking forward to view on Saturday. We were not informed of their intention to present their offer to the owner. She claimed that they need to work in the best interests of the seller, to close the deal in case they missed the buyer who make the offer." I feel that is not for the best interests of the seller, but to the best interests of themselves.

Now here are my doubts.

1. The asking price in Property Guru was $1.45 million. When we went to view the unit, Mr Thomas Lee said $1.5 million. Why is there such a huge difference?

2. Did the owner know that there are other interested buyers, like myself, that has shown interest and can make a higher offer?

3. Why didn't the agents call to ask if we can have any higher offer, before closing the deal hastily? I think the owner will not reject any offer up to $100,000 above his asking price.

Anyway, we cannot do anything here as the option to purchase has been issued. On our part, we can only continue to look for another house. This is the problem with having unprofessional housing agents.

Do you have the same experience? Share it here.

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