Monday, October 26, 2015

Growth after three and a half years of investment

Hi all, 

Sorry for not being able to the update the blog sooner. It has been a hectic year as I am rebuilding my company's brand after a partnership gone sour. 

Good to be back to give an update on the investments.

I will not be updating the Singapore shares from now till further notice as savings will not grow if we invest in Singapore Companies. However OCBC Bank will be a good investment if you are looking at the banking sector. Any price below S$9.00 is a good buy, which happened a few months back.

On the other hand, US companies are still good to invest in. Starbucks and Walt Disney will continue to grow, hence still a good stock to hold on to. Other companies worth looking out for: Burger King and Microsoft.

Company1/2/201223/10/2015 Total Dividend Dividend YieldPercentage Gain/LossCompounded Gain/Loss
US-listed Companies
McDonald's $ 99.39  $ 112.59  $ 12.67 12.7%26.0%6.8%
Coca-Cola (2x) $ 69.70  $ 85.58 $ 8.37 12.0%34.8%8.9%
Starbucks (2x) $ 46.17  $ 125.22 $ 3.677.9%179.2%34.1%
Walt Disney $ 38.85  $ 113.09 $ 3.42 8.8%199.9%36.9%
Las Vegas Sands $ 43.76  $ 49.19 $ 8.75 19.9%32.4%8.3%
Total Investment $ 297.87  $ 485.67  $ 36.8812.4%75.4%17.4%

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