Thursday, June 21, 2012

When is the right time to buy another property?

Anytime, I would say.

Do not allow any measures to stop you from buying into any investment properties. And do not TIME the purchase of a property. You may be happy when prices fall, but you may also be angry when prices go up. We should control the situation and not let the situation control us.

Property prices out there are still at a very high selling price. But there are bound to have a few that are undervalued, which we have not discover yet. Keep on finding. Go to different showrooms and open houses to see and compare.There is close to zero percent chance that property prices will fall to the 2008/2009 prices. 

For the past one year, I have been going around house-hunting. Visit the different showflats around the island, screening through the Straits Times Classified, and surfing the Internet to find more properties on sale. Till now, I am not able to find a single property that can attract me to open my warchest to buy. 

I am really disappointed with the current situation, but I do not wait for the property come to me. I will still continue to search for undervalued valuable properties. When I found one, I will not hesitate to buy. And you should too.

Another round of cooling measures to follow? We'll just wait and see.

You may want to refer back to my post, "Singapore Property : Buy or hold till recession?" for a refresher.


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