Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jac's pick for 2011

After a month's observation and research, these are the few companies that I have chosen to monitor and invest into when there's a chance.

The companies here are not listed in order of merit.

1. Popular Holdings. Singapore
2. Cerebos Pacific. Singapore
3. Walt Disney. US
4. Starbucks. US
5. McDonald's. US
6. Citigroup. US
7. OCBC. Singapore
8. UOL. Singapore
9. Duke Energy. US
10. Las Vegas Sands. US

The above list is Jac's personal selection. Readers are adviced to exercise own discretion when investing as it involves risks.



  1. Reasons for choosing these 10 companies:
    1. Popular is strongest bookstore group in the heartland. Dividend yield can be 6% a year.
    2. Cerebos Pacific. High dividend yield of about 7% to 8% per year.
    3. Walt Disney. Acquire Marvel to be the company with the biggest number of cartoon characters. Growth stock.
    4. Starbucks. Number 1 coffee in US. started to open stores in Japan and India. Opening into single serve area.
    5. McDonald's. World number 1 fast food chain. Who does not know McDonald's in Singapore? My children eat their hotcakes or burgers once a week.
    6. Citigroup. Growth stock. Balance sheet has improved under the leadership of Pandit.
    7. OCBC. Growth stock with dividend yield of about 3.5%. It's growing presence in Indonesia.
    8. UOL. Growth stock in residential, commercial and hotels sector. Great leadership Wee Cho Yaw.
    9. Duke Energy. going to acquire progress energy to become biggest energy provider in US.
    10. Las Vegas Sands. Growth Stock. Building one more casino in Spain.

  2. Market correction. A good chance to buy undervalue company shares.