Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are property prices going to hold or ready to experience free fall?

22 June 2010
Two independent reports from straits times and channalnewasia.com commented on recent property sales showing signs of slowdown. This two reports were written only two weeks from the last news that developer sales slowed by almost 60%.

The straits times wrote:
Residential property sector takes a breather
Channelnewasia.com wrote:
Caveats lodged in May 2010 dropped 41%

These two reports once again gave us evidence that the number of buyers out there are exhausted by the recent sales since January. We must remember that the number of people buying properties are limited, hence the buying craze must stop somewhere.

Property agents are still saying that prices will not drop. What kind of sales tactic is this? It comes to show that these agents are only interested to push sales. They do not care if the buyers will profit after that. If they are so sure that the prices are going to go up further, why don't they buy a few units each?

Of all the property showflats that I have seen, I would only consider one that is of value. If you want to know which property and why, email me.

There is another one property that I am looking forward to the launch, that I feel also have value. I will update you once I have seen it.

Meanwhile, just build our war chests and wait patiently.

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