Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learning from Nutrisystem lesson, sold to early.

When I sold Nutrisystem at US$21.74, after which it shoots up to pass US$32. What is the lesson learned here?

After reading Snowball, I realised that, my mistake was what Mr Buffett did when he was 11 years only. He bought 3 shares of Cities Service Preferred for US$115. The stock price went down from US$38.25 to US$27 a share. When the stock recovered to US$40, Warren Buffett sold it for a profit of US$5. But Cities Service quickly soared to $202 a share. This is where Warren learned three lessons. Quote from Snowball, "One lesson was not to overly fixate on what he had paid for a stock. The second was not to rush unthinkingly to grab a small profit. He learned these two lessons by brooding over the US$492 he would have made had he been more patient."

Buffett would never ever forget this mistake. And so do I, on sales of Nutrisystem shares.

"Mr Buffett's third lesson was about investing other people's money. If he made a mistake, it might get somebody upset at him. So he didn't want to have responsibility for anyone else's money unless he was sure he could succeed."

The first two lessons were the relevant lessons for this post. Learn from mistakes and never never make it again.

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